If you love soccer…

If you’re a lover of the sport of soccer then these two sites are made exactly for you- those who see the game as not just a sport, but a passion and life calling of sorts. These two friends and comrades do not just exemplify this ethic, but want to spread it to everybody else in the world as well. 


emerson.jpg picture by adam_freedomFirst is Leftwinger, which dedicates regular commentaries to the love of the Brazilian soccer team Falmengo along with short political commentaries, such as this one on the state of the labor movement and the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and this one on Obama and the Somali pirates incident. Also worth keeping an eye out for are future additions is the begining of some fictional work.  


earthquakeslogo.gif picture by adam_freedomNext, is Under the Blue Banner, which bills itself as “the only live radio show and podcast for your San Jose Earthquakes.”  Producing a weekly online radio show that invites fans to call-in live by phone and participate in an online chat board during games, hosts Ian Martin and Alex Davidson, give a “for the fans, by the fan, all for the love of the Quakes” perspective.



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