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 Machete408 Blog

  Machete408 began in November 2007 as an archive of writings by myself and others that I have worked with to ensure that these pieces had a place in the public sphere and as a way to recieve feedback from friends. Since early 2009 this semi-anonymous blog has expanded to become a site for regular postings on the themes of revolutionary left politics, political analysis, labor, mass movement organizing, and left organizations. The site is partially a window into my political mind at any particular moment and posts are often links and articles accompanied by commentary and occasionally original content by myself. Regular posts appear at least every week, sometimes more frequently.

  I’ve been involved in social movement organizing for over a decade and was born and raised in San Jose, CA, which is the largest city making up the greater Bay Area. It is sometimes more commonly known as “Silicon Valley” or “Shark City,” depending on who you talk to. Whether you know me personally or are one of those random folks who finds this blog through google searches, tag lines or links, thanks for coming and leave a comment if you feel moved. I’m always interested in comments from readers and and I will usually respond with a comment or an email.

  If you’re wondering about the name of this blog, in short a machete is a tool used both in daily work or as a humble weapon to cut down obstacles in your path. It’s not unwieldy, but a simple and practical tool. I was inspired by reading a quote about the choosing of the name “El Machete” by a grouping of Mexican Communists in the 1920’s for their newspaper. You can read the full quote and a longer explaination in an old post here. Lastly, 408 is the area code for San Jose.


-Adam W. 

Updated May 2009

3 Responses

  1. vival la lucha por la democracia sindical!

  2. Thanks for creating this great archive! Keep up the good work compa

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