Announcing “Ecos de Libertad” Radio Show

 Echosdelibertad.jpg picture by adam_freedom

Check out this new radio by some some of our friends in LA have recently started….


Ecos De Libertad transmits “radical & anarchist thoughts and feelings through music, discussion and information.” You can listen to Ecos De Libertad online every Friday, 6-8pm Pacific Time at, or subscribe to the show’s podcast at and read a summary of each episode.


Summaries of their shows…


Episode four:
International Women’s Day. Interviews of woman involved locally in political organizing and their experiences. Includes a spanish language segment from international feminist radio.


Episode three:

Begins with interviews of members of the former LA collectively run community center Flor y Canto and lessons learned from the project. In the second hour we hear from social movement organizers involved in gay rights, anti-eviction and a report back on Venezuela.


Episode two:

Disscusing LA car washers campaign and the national day of protest against Jose Arpaio. Includes interview with Bridget on the upcoming Anarcha potluck, discussion on capitalism and closes with a community calendar.


Episode one:

Intro to “Ecos de Libertad” with hosts Sara, Eowyn, Kyle (a.k.a. Sleepy G) and Vicente. Lots of great music and discussion of the upcoming LA APOC (Anarchist People of Color) social event coming up.


Echosdelibertad.jpg picture by adam_freedom

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